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District Permits

Permit application fees and permit fees are in the amounts set forth below. Applications for construction permits, rental business permits, short-term facilities use permit, and special activities use permits shall be accompanied by the CEQA review deposit described in paragraph C of this Table 20.100.

Permit Application Fee Permit Fee

Construction Permit

Actual cost to District. Payable in increments as explained on application form. CEQA review fee is also required.

None. Lease or License may be required as condition of permit.

Access/Use Permit  Trailered Vessels, Includes 12 hours Parking


Daily Permit - $17.00 per In and Out.
Annual Permit - $160.00 per calendar year.
Vessel Launch Only - $11.00.

Access/Use Permit
PWC and Kayaks, Includes 12 hours Parking


$11.00 per day - $140.00 per calendar year.
PWC & Kayak Launch Only - $6.00
Annual Launch Only – PWC & Kayak $62.00

Parking Permit
Assigned vessel receives one "free" Assigned Parking Permit.


Temporary and Transient Vessels and other persons having business in the Harbor  or any additional liveaboards- $77.00 per month.
Daily Parking $6/daily; $12/24 hrs.
BoatTrailer Parking overnight in certain areas defined by appropriate signage - $10.00

Living Aboard Permit
Required By All Assigned Vessels With One or More Persons Living Aboard Except Commercial Fishing Vessels, Transient Vessels

$250.00 – One time application processing fee

$125 per person per month

Recreational Vehicle Park
(Only available through District if commercial RV Park is full)


Self-contained vehicles only on unimproved site. $50.00 per night.  

Amenity Fee


$48.00 per month

Peddling Permit – Goods or Services with Principal Place of Business Being off Site.

$150.00 application fee

$150.00 payable@$37.50 quarterly, nonrefundable.

Facilities Use Permit

$150.00 application fee plus appropriate CEQA review fee if use is not exempt from CEQA.

$150.00 per year. Lease or license may be required as a condition of permit.

Special Activities Use Permit

$150.00 application fee plus appropriate CEQA review fee if use is not exempt from CEQA.




Pet Permit


$5.00 per month per pet.