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About Us

Moss Landing Harbor is a Certified California Clean Marina

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The Clean Marinas Program is an "ongoing endeavor, by a marina industry alliance, determined to provide environmentally clean facilities and protect the states' coastal and inland waters form pollution through compliance of best management practices."

This certification means that Moss Landing Harbor has met stringent qualifications to make a difference to our water environment by providing clean facilities to the boating community and protecting waterways from pollution.

History and Development of Moss Landing Harbor

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Moss Landing Harbor has a rich history. The land, submerged lands and tidelands comprising the Moss Landing Harbor were originally acquired by the State of California upon its admission to the United States of America in 1850.

In 1866, a wealthy Texan and retired ship captain named Charles Moss brought his family from Texas to the California shore where they built their new homestead. Realizing the potential of this superb location, Captain Moss, along with Portuguese whaler Cato Vierra, constructed a 200-foot wharf to establish shipping facilities and a pier for commercial water traffic.

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The locals thought enough of the captain to eventually call the place Moss Landing. Captain Moss later sold his holdings to the Pacific Coast Steamship Company.

The Moss Landing Harbor District was formed on June 22, 1943 for the purpose of developing a harbor at Moss Landing pursuant to the Federal Harbors and Navigation Code. The Harbor District Board executed an Easement and Franchise Agreement with landowner Wilbur C. Sandholdt (hence the name “Sandholdt Road”), granting the District easements and rights-of-way over approximately 13 acres of land through which the harbor channel would be cut. In 1945, the United States Congress authorized construction of a harbor at Moss Landing by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. In 1947 the dredging had been completed, the piers and wharves had been built, and the harbor was now officially open.

Today, the core of Moss Landing’s economic activities focuses around its importance as a fishing port, as well as a popular tourist destination. International research institutes, commercial/industrial trades, nature and whale-watching tours, sportfishing charters and kayaking rentals have also settled in Moss Landing Harbor.

A two story restaurant building is under construction at North Harbor adjacent to the Pacific Grill Restaurant and the permitting process is underway for a 30-room inn at the site of the former Little Baja, all of which will make Moss Landing Harbor a desirable travel destination.

Visitors enjoy wildlife viewing, walking trails, the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, beaches, fish markets, fresh fish for sale off boats and a community park w/BBQ pits. There are flower & fresh fruit stands, a bed & breakfast inn (another under construction), RV park, antique shops, convenience store, and post office all within walking distance of the Harbor. And for a quaint historic fishing harbor, there is no lack of excellent world renowned dining establishments.