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Moss Landing Harbor Operations


*Fees, District Permits, Services & Equipment

The fees and charges for services established by the Board under Section 20.100 of the Moss Landing Harbor District Ordinance Code for

  • Berth rental fees: Fees for assigned, temporary and transient berths are contained in the Moss Landing Harbor District Ordinance Code.
  • District Permits: Permit fees (parking, launching, special activities, etc.) can be found in the District Permits Table. Please note: Applications for construction permits, rental business permits, short-term facilities use permit, and special activities use permits shall be accompanied by the CEQA review deposit described in paragraph C of this Table 20.100.
  • Services and equipment: Fees (administrative, towing, pump-out, forklift, truck, etc.) for using district services or equipment are outlined in the District Services and Equipment Table.
District Ordinance Code

*Fees are typically adjusted July 1 of each year. Please view the District Fee Schedule for the most current rates and fees.

For additional information regarding Moss Landing Harbor operations, permits or fees, Call 831.633.2461 or contact us. We're happy to help!