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District Permits

Permit application fees and permit fees are in the amounts set forth below. Applications for construction permits, rental business permits, short-term facilities use permit, and special activities use permits shall be accompanied by the CEQA review deposit described in paragraph C of this Table 20.100.

Construction Permit 

Application Fee : Actual cost to District. Payable in increments as explained on application form. CEQA review fee is also required.

Permit Fee : None. Lease or License may be required as condition of permit.

Access/Use Permit Trailered Vessels, Includes 12 hours Parking 

Permit Fee : Daily Permit - $21.00 per In and Out.
Annual Permit - $210.00 per calendar year.
Vessel Launch Only - $15.00.

Access/Use Permit PWC and Kayaks, Includes 12 hours Parking 

Permit Fee : $16.00 per day - $160.00 per calendar year.
PWC & Kayak Launch Only - $10.00
Annual Launch Only – PWC & Kayak $95.00

Parking Permit Assigned vessel receives one "free" Assigned Parking Permit. 

Application Fee : None

Permit Fee : Temporary and Transient Vessels and other persons having business in the Harbor  or any additional liveaboards- $100.00 per month.
Daily Parking $11/daily; $19/24 hrs.
BoatTrailer Parking overnight in certain areas defined by appropriate signage - $10.00



Living Aboard Permit Required By All Assigned Vessels With One or More Persons Living Aboard Except Commercial Fishing Vessels, Transient Vessels 

Application Fee : $250.00 – One time application processing fee

Permit Fee: $180.00 per person per month

Recreational Vehicle Park (Only available through District if commercial RV Park is full) 

Application Fee: None.

Permit Fee : Self-contained vehicles only on unimproved site. $50.00 per night.

Amenity Fee 

Amenity Fee : $69.50 per month

Facilities Use Permit 

Application Fee : $250.00 application fee plus appropriate CEQA review fee if use is not exempt from CEQA.

Permit Fee : $250.00 per year. Lease or license may be required as a condition of permit.

Renewal Fee:  $50 Facilties Use Permit fee (Annual permits only with no changes )

Passenger Vessel Fee (Charter Vessels ): $100.00 annually per passenger capacity (applicable for duration of permit or can be paid monthly)

Special Activities Use Permit 

Application Fee: $250.00 application fee plus appropriate CEQA review fee if use is not exempt from CEQA.

Permit Fee:  $250.00


Pet Permit 

Permit Fee: $5.00 per month per pet.