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Sanctuary Cruises

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Whale watching on the Monterey Bay is a year-round adventure. Captain Mike Welch and Marine Biologist Doris Welch see whales and/or dolphins on well over 95% of their trips, plus pulsating jellies, foraging and basking sea otters, huge rafts of California sea lions, harbor seals, local and migratory birds and a lot more. Bring your sense of wonder, awe and anticipation for what may well be the adventure of a lifetime. The Sanctuary is Coast Guard certified for up to 39 passengers plus crew, but limits passengers to provide an even better experience. She has a comfortable cabin with upholstered seating, both covered and uncovered outside seating, and restroom facilities. Special charters are a great way to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or a promotion. Corporate off-sites, catered events, group charters, even weddings are spectacular aboard the Sanctuary. They also offer caring accommodation for burials at sea. Charters can be a nature cruise, a whale watching trip, a wine tasting, a catered dinner or a sunset cruise.

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