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Sea Goddess Whale Watching

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Imagine being up close and personal with some of the largest, most graceful and rare mammals in the world as they migrate and surface from the deep sea through the abundant feeding grounds of Monterey Bay – the Whale Watching Capital of the World. With over 25 years experience on Monterey Bay and a fully narrated cruise with our on board Marine Biologist, you will learn about these magnificent Dinosaurs of our time on the most pristine and spacious vessel in the harbor, the Sea Goddess, Coast Guard certified for up to 93 passengers. Our passengers get excited about seeing whales up close and personal interacting and rubbing their barnacles off against the boat, which they do voluntarily on occasion, watching the largest mammal on earth - the Blue Whale, seeing predation events whether it is orcas on the hunt for its prey, or humpbacks lunge feeding at the surface. Departing from Moss Landing, the Sea Goddess is situated in the center of Monterey Bay between Santa Cruz and Monterey at the mouth of the Monterey Bay Submarine Canyon where the whales play, live, and feed on the abundant anchovies, squid and sardines in this rich nutrient sea canyon - This means more time watching the whales and less time chasing them down! 

Guaranteed whale sighting or your next trip is FREE.

For tickets call Zerve 888-507-0833 or 831-508-8787
Private charters: Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays, Groups and other Special Occasions: (831) 920-1499